Friday, January 28, 2011

Available memory under 32-bit Chrome and 64-bit kernel Chromium

I noticed something interesting this evening -

The stock Mario ChromeOS shows:

Linux (chrome-bot@chromeosbuild13) (gcc version 4.4.3 (gcc-4.4.3_cos_gg_v1_41723) ) #1 SMP Thu Dec 9 19:29:53 PST 2010 (Ubuntu 2.6.32-0.1-chromeos-intel-menlow)

[    0.000000] Warning only 1919MB will be used.
[    0.000000] Use a HIGHMEM enabled kernel.

However, the 64-bit kernel build of ChromiumOS 0.10.157 (available here) offers ~2038MB free memory under the newer 2.6.37.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mario64 build! (Yes, x86_64-kernel ChromiumOS)

For those interested, I've put together an x86_64 kernel build of ChromiumOS for Cr-48. The kernel itself on this build is 64-bit, but the userspace is all 32-bit.

uname output:
Linux 2.6.37-23105-g79d6518 #1 SMP Thu Jan 27 10:52:21 CST 2011 x86_64 GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Just unzip, write to USB and restore using the recovery image. This is the build I'm currently running. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Dev Build - with video chat

Updated my vanilla build - the only change is the addition of the Google video chat plugin for Gmail.

2011-01-26 13:52


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How do I enable Google Video Chat in ChromeOS Cr-48 Dev Builds?

One of the things that really bothered me about Dev builds is the lack of a Google voice and video chat plugin. If you're running a Dev build, you're sort of out of luck out of the box.

Well, there's hope. You can grab the two following files from a stock Cr-48 image or extract them from the official i386 deb package. I'll probably have a tar.gz of the two files up here at some point, assuming I'm not going to annoy the powers-that-be.


You'll also need to disable root filesystem verification and remount the appropriate directories read-write (which I'm sure I'll cover here in detail at some point). Once that's done, it's simply a matter of getting things into place:

#mkdir /opt/talkplugin
Copy your files to /opt/talkplugin
#chmod 755 /opt/talkplugin/*

# mkdir /opt/google/talkplugin
# ln -s /opt/talkplugin/* /opt/google/talkplugin/
# ln -s /opt/talkplugin/ /opt/google/chrome/plugins/

You should then log out or reboot to complete the magic. You can confirm everything is working within the Gmail chat settings window:

I've confirmed that sound/videochat work perfectly. I'm currently running the following build (available here):

Chromium OS (Developer Build 53f189e9 - Tue Jan 25 14:56:25 CST 2011 - moraj) developer x86-mario
Chromium 10.0.649.0 (72449)

Google Talk Plugin v1.8.0.0
Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator v0.1.43.5

So far so good! Let me know if you get this working as well.

Dev Build

I've not had an opportunity to test this, but here you are anyway:

2011-01-25 15:08

This is a straight vanilla build. User password is `chrome`.

Update: build confirmed working perfectly.

Monday, January 24, 2011

make_dev_ssd broken

Just fyi - fails. Looks like the bug is fixed, but we'll have to wait for another push to use this (or perhaps switch to Beta channel).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New builds being pushed out!

I'm on Dev channel and there's an update being pushed out right now.

I'll report back with version numbers soon.

Update: Well, whenever it decides to download. My Cr-48 hung on "downloading update" twice, then "Failed". Since then, I've seen reports about others getting their updates, but not mine. There doesn't appear to be a way to force an update.

In any case, I ask simply:

Finally got it.

Chrome OS (Official Build 2a517638) dev x86-mario
Google Chrome 10.0.642.2

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Beta/Dev builds?

I saw mention of new build numbers and wanted to share:

RC ( and ( - 

Chrome OS   : (Official Build 2a517638)
Google Chrome :   10.0.643.0 (Official Build 71761)

9.y build
Chrome OS (Official Build 3add9a48)
Google Chrome 8.0.552.344 (Official Build 70793)

Looks like we're getting close to a new push!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crackling audio in the latest ChromeOS Mario beta/dev channels?

I've noticed a fair amount of talk about audio issues in the newest Beta/Dev builds for the Cr-48. I've not experienced them personally, but then again I haven't had much time in the last week or two to listen to music on my Cr-48.

I was digging around in the Chrome bugs and found the following workaround/fix. It requires shell access (Developer mode switch).

Run the following:

pacmd suspend 1; pacmd suspend 0

Let me know if this works for you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Garbled Audio After Latest Update?

Via cros-discuss:

Thanks for helping to debug this issue. We have not pulled the update, but
if anyone out there can reproduce this problem and are in developer mode,
please send the output of the following command from the shell : 

dmesg | grep -i clock 

We are tracking an issue where a high resolution clock is not functioning in
recent builds that is disrupting audio, among other things. Somehow this
issue may have gotten into our beta and dev channel updates. 

I played around with the Beta channel for a while and am updating to Dev channel now. I'm curious to see if I can help debug this some.

USB 2.0 wired ethernet adapters for the Cr-48?

I wanted to experiment with a USB 2.0 network adapter for my Cr-48 and went ahead and picked up the following:

D-Link DUB-E100 USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter

The Cr-48 detected it right away:

[  123.288513] eth0: register 'asix' at usb-0000:00:1d.7-6, ASIX AX88772 USB 2.0 Ethernet

I won't get a chance to experiment with it more until Monday, but just wanted to throw out another potential wired ethernet adapter for those out there in the same predicament (crappy wi-fi outside of my control).

At 100Mb, you could do 12.5MBytes/sec max over USB 2 - so I'm not worried about the network being the bottleneck on the Cr-48.

Thursday, January 13, 2011 vs.

So, when you flash your Cr-48 to the latest official recovery channel, you're left at

The latest update that I've been pushed is

And now there's a

Has anyone in Developer Mode  (via the switch behind the battery) been pushed out this update?

How do I change the chronos user password on my stock ChromeOS Cr-48?

To set a password for 'chronos', run the following as root:

echo "chronos:$(openssl passwd -1)" > /mnt/stateful_partition/etc/devmode.passwd

I've tested this and it appears to work. This should also allow you to run sshd on the Cr-48.

If you need/want to remove the chronos password, simply:

sudo rm /mnt/stateful_partition/etc/devmode.passwd

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Replacement power supply for Cr-48?

Since I'm using my Cr-48 daily, I end up having to carry my power supply everywhere. This has become somewhat of a drag, so I e-mailed the Chrome Ninjas, who pointed me to the following:

Lenmar 50-Watt Notebook Power Adapter Lac50

Update 1/12/2011:
The power supply arrived and set the adapter to 19V/2A per the Ninjas. Everything appears to be working great!

USB Ethernet adapters for the Cr-48?

The wi-fi where I use my Cr-48 most of the time is flaky and oversubscribed, so I went ahead and ordered a USB ethernet adapter. The latest Cr-48 Mario build includes driver support for the following:

  • ASIX AX8817X based USB 2.0 Ethernet Devices
  • USB CDC Ethernet devices
  • Davicom DM9601 USB 1.1 ethernet devices
  • KL5USB101 USB Ethernet driver
  • USB to network adapter MCS7830
  • NetChip 1080 based USB Host-to-Host Links
  • Pegasus/Pegasus II USB Ethernet driver
  • rtl8150 based usb-ethernet driver
  • SMSC95XX USB 2.0 Ethernet Devices

I wanted to go for the cheapest thing possible and found one on Amazon for $5 (including shipping). One of the reviews mentioned that it was DM9601-based, so I went for it. It took about a week to get here.
Once plugged into my USB hub, the Cr-48 detected it properly:
[ 8615.436387] eth0: register 'dm9601' at usb-0000:00:1d.7-6.1, Davicom DM9601 USB Ethernet, 10:13:50:xx:xx:xx

In fact, the ChromeOS interface changed a bit to reflect the new ethernet adapter:

In any case, if you're looking for a cheap wired ethernet adapter for your Cr-48, this works. I would have preferred to find a gigabit adapter, but it just wasn't worth spending that much money.

Note: Keep in mind the above adapter is USB 1.1, so you won't get more than 1MB/sec tops, if even that. It's good for basic connectivity, but that's about it. I'll be testing a USB 2.0 adapter here soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm a Pony

For those curious, my Cr-48 is an IEC Mario Pony 6101.

What did you get?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How do I write a ChromiumOS image to USB under Windows?

Don't even mess with dd for Windows - I tried it and Windows just did not appreciate the process.

Cutting to the chase:
  • Download Image Writer for Windows, unzip and run it. [Author's page].
  • Download the .bin file for your build, and unzip if necessary.
  • Rename and change the extension of the recovery image from .bin to .img
  • Select your image in Image Writer, and then choose the drive letter for your USB drive in the drop-down.
  • Click 'Write'.

New build:

For those interested: 2011.01.09 ~10pm CST

Regular disclaimers apply. :-) Note that this image is compressed with zip.

Remember that no matter what, you can always drop back to the stock Mario image, available here.

PS - Keep in mind that Google Video chat appears to be broken in the Dev builds (at the moment).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Flash 10.2 Beta on stock Mario

Also had success getting Flash 10.2 beta running under Mario. Same process, though you'll have to disable all other flash plugins under about:plugins.

Again, the plugins directory is /opt/google/chrome/plugins.

Java! Success on stock Mario.

So, it's definitely possible to get Java working properly on the stock Mario builds. I wasn't getting much out of the Dev builds, so I flashed back to stock and rebuilt my environment.

Once there, it was pretty easy to get things going. Once you extract Java to /opt/java, symlink /opt/java/lib/i386/ to /opt/google/chrome/plugins.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Custom Cr-48 Dev Builds

I've put together a couple of custom dev builds of Cr-48 and wanted to share.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if your Cr-48 breaks. These images are made for my personal use, but you're welcome to them. Some things will be broken, obviously.

# dd if=recovery_image.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

# sudo dd if=/Users/{username}/Desktop/recovery_image.bin of=/dev/rdiskX bs=4m

# See here.

  • Download an image
  • Write the image to a >2GB USB drive or SDHC card
  • Flip your Cr-48 to Dev Mode
  • Power on your Cr-48, hit Spacebar for Recovery Mode
  • Insert USB when prompted
  • Profit
  • chronos user password is `chrome`.
The images:

2011-01-06 00:45
2011-01-06 14:32

~01.09.2011 > 2011.01.09 ~10pm CST

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chromium OS (Developer Build e7205e84)

How do I set custom DNS server in ChromeOS?

Unfortunately, this feature doesn't appear to be something that will necessarily be built into ChromeOS at any point soon. You'll have to be in Developer Mode to accomplish this.

First, get your MAC address using ifconfig, or via chrome://settings/internet > options > network (look for "Hardware Address").

Note that aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff is your Hardware (MAC) address.

Next, hit CTRL+ALT+T to drop to crosh. Then, type `shell`.

Run the following (note the MAC address):

dbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call --dest="org.chromium.flimflam" \
/device/aabbccddeeff/aabbccddeeff_0 \
org.chromium.flimflam.IPConfig.SetProperty string:"NameServers" variant:string:","

Once this is set, you can confirm the setting in chrome://settings/internet > options > network.

Keep in mind that the MAC addresses above should be entered in lowercase.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How do I boot and install another OS on the Cr-48?

Specifically, "How do I boot from USB and then do X, Y, Z"?

Luigi: Hexxeh's Cr-48 BIOS Flashing script

I don't plan on flashing my BIOS for the time being, but this is definitely interesting. I have no interest in running Windows or OS X on my Cr-48, but it would be nice to boot from USB.

It's a shame Google doesn't offer a "blessed" way of doing this. I use LiveCDs/USB-based OS's a fair bit and this feature would be great.

Maybe someday.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I can't use the Cr-48 webcam with Facebook

If you're having trouble getting your Cr-48's webcam to work properly in Facebook (or other Flash-based sites), visit the Flash Settings Control Panel:

Adobe Flash: Website Privacy Settings panel

In the entry for, set to "Always Allow".