Thursday, January 13, 2011

How do I change the chronos user password on my stock ChromeOS Cr-48?

To set a password for 'chronos', run the following as root:

echo "chronos:$(openssl passwd -1)" > /mnt/stateful_partition/etc/devmode.passwd

I've tested this and it appears to work. This should also allow you to run sshd on the Cr-48.

If you need/want to remove the chronos password, simply:

sudo rm /mnt/stateful_partition/etc/devmode.passwd


  1. I ran the command, and it locked my computer. I thought it was going to ask me to enter a new password, but apparently that command actually adds one. Where was I supposed to enter the password at, and how do I log in now? Any idea?

  2. The command should have been entered as a single, one-line command.

    It should prompt you for a password after you hit enter - if it did not, then the command wasn't entered correctly.

    As far as how to recover, I'm not sure what "locked my computer means", but since you're probably in Dev mode, you could simply flash back to stock if you're truly stuck. It's not difficult to do, but requires a 4GB USB or SDHC card.

  3. Thanks, had to recover it back to stock. It made it so that I could no longer use VT2 because it would prompt for an unknown username/password combination. Tried a bunch of different things then just restored it. Not sure how I typed the command wrong, I was being very careful, but obviously not careful enough. Thanks for the help.

  4. No problem at all. That's the nice thing about "the cloud" -- is you're able to wipe and reinstall the box in <10 mins if something goes horribly wrong! :)