Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How do I enable Google Video Chat in ChromeOS Cr-48 Dev Builds?

One of the things that really bothered me about Dev builds is the lack of a Google voice and video chat plugin. If you're running a Dev build, you're sort of out of luck out of the box.

Well, there's hope. You can grab the two following files from a stock Cr-48 image or extract them from the official i386 deb package. I'll probably have a tar.gz of the two files up here at some point, assuming I'm not going to annoy the powers-that-be.


You'll also need to disable root filesystem verification and remount the appropriate directories read-write (which I'm sure I'll cover here in detail at some point). Once that's done, it's simply a matter of getting things into place:

#mkdir /opt/talkplugin
Copy your files to /opt/talkplugin
#chmod 755 /opt/talkplugin/*

# mkdir /opt/google/talkplugin
# ln -s /opt/talkplugin/* /opt/google/talkplugin/
# ln -s /opt/talkplugin/libnpgoogletalk.so /opt/google/chrome/plugins/

You should then log out or reboot to complete the magic. You can confirm everything is working within the Gmail chat settings window:


I've confirmed that sound/videochat work perfectly. I'm currently running the following build (available here):

Chromium OS (Developer Build 53f189e9 - Tue Jan 25 14:56:25 CST 2011 - moraj) developer x86-mario
Chromium 10.0.649.0 (72449)

Google Talk Plugin v1.8.0.0
Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator v0.1.43.5

So far so good! Let me know if you get this working as well.


  1. Thanks for the idea. I'll probably whip up an .ebuild later today, for it to be included automatically in duh.org builds. You're free to pull it in as well, of course (as I publish diffs of the repo with every build).

  2. Added the plugin to build at my repo. The src-chromiumos-overlay.diff.gz includes the .ebuild file for google-talkplugin-

  3. Very cool. Thanks for posting the diffs and ebuild files. Really interesting stuff.

  4. Running a chromium build this didnt work for me, it shows up under plugins though...i ran as sudo su not sure what i'm doing wrong

  5. I am astonished that this has not been covered elsewhere and YES it works

    I am really really pleased.

    Managed to download the files from the guy who kindly put them on here

    and then followed your instructions to build them on my lenovo t60 build of Hexxehs excellent vanilla build (albeit with a webcam at the mo'!)

    Many thanks again