Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mario64 build! (Yes, x86_64-kernel ChromiumOS)

For those interested, I've put together an x86_64 kernel build of ChromiumOS for Cr-48. The kernel itself on this build is 64-bit, but the userspace is all 32-bit.

uname output:
Linux 2.6.37-23105-g79d6518 #1 SMP Thu Jan 27 10:52:21 CST 2011 x86_64 GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Just unzip, write to USB and restore using the recovery image. This is the build I'm currently running. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Cool, I've got it loaded now and trying to get unverified rootfs and remounted rw - what's the password for 'chronos'?

  2. The user password is `chrome`.

    I'm doing new builds every so often, so if you're lucky and check for
    a new version (via "About: ChromiumOS"), you might just get an update
    (assuming all is well in the universe).

  3. So you're running a dev server for updates I presume, then?