Sunday, February 6, 2011 Mario64 build

Now includes Flash 10.2 beta.

2011-02-06 17:43


  1. Hi John

    I have a couple questions. Have you noticed an decrease in CPU usage during flash playback with this build?

    Also, can this image be verified when doing a restore or do I need to crack the machine open first?


  2. Also, is the flash 10.2 beta something that you added or was it included in the build by default?

  3. Clinton -

    I haven't specifically checked for CPU usage, but it does appear to run more smoothly than any other Flash (for video).

    You absolutely don't need to crack the case open. Under the battery, there's a small piece of black tape with a switch under it. Flip the switch and you'll be in Dev Mode. You can then flash recovery images or back to a stock Cr-48 image.

    The Flash 10.2 is something that I added while I was experimenting with the build system. It's not included by default.

  4. Great, thanks for the reply. Have you played around at all with adding Pepper flash? --or Flapper, I think they call it.

  5. It looks really interesting, but I've not run across a compelling reason to try it on these builds. Perhaps at some point!

  6. I'm desperately searching for a build of chromeos that will run on my 64bit hp dm1z. Your links are all broken. Are you going to be sharing more updates soon? I would be very interested in your work.